1. the isolated building as indication of resilience & decline. | photography by David Schalliol

    i saw David Schalliol speak at TEDxIndianapolis at the end of October about his project “Isolated Building Studies.” the project being the visual confluence of his interests in urban dynamism, socioeconomic inequality, and photography. 

    i’ve thought about his photos and ideas countless times since the TED event and wanted to share some of his thoughts below. his perspective and images are not specific to Chicago. they capture a subject matter i, and likely many other city-dwellers, have thought about many times. but the way in which he described the images he has been capturing since 2006 felt far more powerful than anything i could sum up or describe. resilience and decline.

    The underlying tension is that isolated buildings occupy a certain duality of transformation: with the dissolution of one community comes the creation of another. Whether a building is a pioneer or a survivor, built by gentrification or decayed by divestment, these buildings and their environs demonstrate how socially influenced investment cycles affect the visible aspects of our built environment, urban neighborhoods and community relationships.” [more here.]


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    the isolated building as indication of resilience & decline. | photography by David Schalliol
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